Website Designing and Development


With live chat systems, we make sure that we stay easily available to you for quick support and advice without any extra charge.


We design with the ultra modern look and feel to provide your clients with an easy to navigate page and a joyful experience on your website.


anterBox gives you the option to integrate the webmail system into a neo-age premium UI(User Interface) in order to provide higher and safer accesibility to your emails.


Our engineers make sure that we deliver your website way before the due date to help you kick-start your business plans. We hate overdues more than anyone else in this business.


A customer feedback form is of acute use to a smart marketer. In this age of consumerism, customer comments are the catalyst to future business plans. Our engineers make sure you interact well with your customers through the website.


Google is undoubtedly one of the biggest search engines and application providers of the world. With the numerous applications provided by Google, we make sure you utilize them to the best of their utility.

Anterbox is a professional web design and development service located in Ludhiana providing website designing services & web development services like website maintenance, website redesigning, web promotion, search engine optimization, multimedia presentations, e-commerce web development, intranet application development, software development and portals development from Ludhiana, India.

We assist businesses to build or update a website custom to their requirements. You get more than just a website with our website designing services. You can update your website content easily, take credit card payments online, and use lots of tools like poll managers, news managers, photo galleries, and form builders. Whether you're looking for an ecommerce web design company or a web development company that showcases your business, our website designing & development services give you control over your site with no technical skills needed.

Static websites

  • Consists of simple HTML pages
  • Provides a display of a consistent data
  • Useful for websites with minimal customer interaction
  • Suitable for businesses with less updation requirement to their website
  • Cheaper alternative but with reduced flexibility to website changes

Dynamic websites

  • Developed in PHP/MYSQL/ASP.NET and similar languages
  • Suitable for high customer interaction
  • Highly efficient in data management and website updation
  • Search Engine Optimization(SEO) friendly
  • Easy to manage & flexibility of design; best pick

Plan your website
Design selection and preferences as per customer specifications. 3 months free maintenance. Terms & conditions apply.